2 April 2020

Why I’m supporting Xenothera for Coronovarirus Treatment

Now is the time to act and help. This is why we are sharing # wefightCOVID19 with Xenothera…

3 billion. 3 billion people worldwide are now confined due to the coronavirus. Like you, I am in the same situation. My name is Didier Rousseau and I am speaking not just as a committed citizen, but also as an entrepreneur and investor.

Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of Economy and Finance, has announced several measures to support businesses and the economy. At the same time, many companies, laboratories and researchers are currently actively seeking a treatment or vaccine for Covid-19.

What is Xenothera

Today I want to tell you about Xenothera, a biotech company created in 2014, and that I have supported since its creation. Xenothera believes it has a therapeutic solution for treating patients infected with the coronavirus. Today, we need the support of everyone, the scientific and medical community, investors, partners but also all business executives and citizens.   Given the current emergency, we have to move fast, very fast, and that is why, on the 30th March, Xenothera launched a wide-reaching citizen campaign for financial support. (ACCESS: http://www.xenothera.com/covid19) Xenothera’s technology and therapeutic approach, developed over several years, are based on polyclonal antibodies which can be used to fight the coronavirus epidemic. This promising treatment has been in development for the past 5 years and could potentially cure serious cases of coronavirus

Now we need to work out how to offer real help to Xenothera.

All you have to do, is go to their website; here’s the link: www.xenothera.com/covid19. Odile DUVAUX, a graduate of the Ecole Normale, researcher and founder of this company, along with all her team, scientific and medical, provides details of their therapeutic approach, which I have just summarized for you. And on the site you will find a financial support form you can fill in, to find us the 3 M € which could help us to find this famous solution for health.

Listening podacst

You might ask yourself, why help Xenothera rather than any another research laboratory?

For years, as an investor, I have regularly been asked to support this or that start-up or scale-up project, in AGTech, green growth, blue growth and beyond, in technologies like virtual reality. If I think about it, the common denominator of my approach is “Tech for Good”, or how the tremendous technological advances that humans are capable of every day can work for the common good. And today, that’s what it’s about. It’s about saving lives. Advances in biotechnology are the way forward to finding new and innovative responses to viruses against which the old methods have shown their limitations. Xenothera is a young company, made up of experienced scientists who are recognized experts in their fields, a company which still has a lot to prove but whose clinical trials over several years are conclusive. We see this in many economic fields, it is the small structures that, thanks to their agility, are able to move faster and go further to find solutions to new problems. Now is the time to act and help. This is why we are sharing # wefightCOVID19 with Xenothera and we are counting on all of you to help us financially and more if you think you can bring us additional added value. Let’s keep in touch!

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