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A pioneer of free radio, the founder and director of various companies, a member of HEC Foundation, APM and Croissance+, Didier Rousseau is first and foremost a “serial entrepreneur”. Never satisfied with a single project, he likes to create and conceive, seizing multiple opportunities, as shown by his involvement with over 15 start-ups and his passion for art.

Didier co-founded Co-Conseil, a strategy consultancy dedicated to a social, solidarity-based economy, and with characteristic energy, inspired by contradictions, he challenges and drives innovation. A business designer.

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7 January 2020
Social and ecological crises have gradually forced companies to claim a common interest…
3 January 2020
The mind sometimes needs words to describe new ways of acting or thinking. “Serendipity” is one such word…
22 November 2019
Yesterday over 1000 people attended the 4th annual Fintech R:Evolution…
22 November 2019
The fourth edition of VivaTech starts on Thursday, bringing together multiple actors from the digital world: big groups, start-ups, agents and consulting firms, …


Connecting Food uses tamper-proof blockchain to trace and certify food products reliably and in real time.
Miimosa is the leader in crowdfunding for agriculture and food. Miimosa supports more than 2,000 projects in France and Belgium, through donations or loans on its crowdfunding platform.
Thegreendata helps players in the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors to integrate big data and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into their business.
Sericyne® is dedicated to innovation in the silk, decoration and packaging sector, but also to a first luxury range of cosmetotextiles resulting from patents and R & D on the properties of Sericyne® silk.
Promus optimizes the short circuit logistics chain between Producers, Distributors and Consumers, using both a physical and a software solution (PromusBox).
NeoFarm designs small hi-tech farms for bio-intensive market gardening near cities.
Weenat’s plot monitoring solutions support farmers in their daily decisions, from sowing to harvesting. Connected farming for improved economic, technical … and environmental efficiency. Weenat provides farmers with easy-to-use mobile connected weather solutions!
Agripolis develops urban farms for all types of environment: roofs, ground, greenhouses, in order to promote the environmental and economic resilience of cities.
At the crossroads of French excellence, Japanese traditions and new technologies, Bo offers an extraordinary aesthetic, emotional and cultural experience: the art of the bonsai.
Equiphoria is a Social Solidarity Economy company that develops and implements non-drug therapy programs specially designed for people with disabilities and using horses.
Xenothera develops innovative biotherapeutics for immunosuppression, especially for use in the field of organ transplantation.
Xaalys is the first neobank designed by parents for teens and young people. is service that simplifies administrative procedures for individuals and the self-employed.
Wiztopic has developed a new software platform for Communication Departments, dedicated to the distribution of corporate and financial content.
Master the Monster is a platform that connects video content producers and brands using a proprietary collaborative project management tool to accelerate and simplify the process of creating and producing the vast quantities of video, and doing this faster and cost-effectively.
Atomic Digital Design – the ADD-ON that makes your business faster, more efficient, more attractive.
Tilt Gaming offers online betting services totally dedicated to e-sports.
Brainattic addresses problems of classification, search and recommendations for end users of online sites.

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